How to Choose the Right Plastic Sheet Curtain for Your Warehouse?

It is no secret that sheet curtains are incredibly helpful for your business.

Not only can they divide the entire premises into different sections, but they also provide maximum protection against heat, cold, dust, and other contaminants.

No matter whether you are running a factory, kitchen, or car service shop, choosing the right curtain may make a difference.

Yes, you heard it right!

Though the market is bombarded with multiple plastic sheet curtains, choosing the right one might give you serious stress. It might take your precious time and effort in the beginning but when you consider tips, your effort will pay you off.

Let’s discuss the important factors to consider while choosing the right warehouse door curtains.

  1. Don’t Overlook the Size Aspect

One of the prime factors that you need to consider when choosing curtains for your company is nothing but their size. When you know the right size of your premises, you’ll know what size of sheet you will require. If you own a business with high wind tides, consider heavy strips. On the other hand, if you own a business with a lot of foot traffic, then you will want a thinner and more lightweight curtain. Also, you should consider how long you will want your strips to be installed. When you are installing the strips, ensure it should touch the floor properly. If you, however, buy any shorter-length curtains, then they won’t provide any protection against dust.

  1. Choose from a Range of Colours

Another reason to consider when choosing clear plastic sheet curtains is that their colours should match the shade of your company’s premises. The major highlight of these strip curtains is that they come in a wide range of shades that includes green, white, red, yellow, black, and more. You might want your curtains to match the hues of your business. For safety, you might like colours that stand out more, like orange or yellow.

  1. Transparency

It is another factor that you cannot overlook while choosing the right curtain for your warehouse. Choosing transparent sheet curtains is incredibly important to prevent fatalities when two people are crossing the path with heavy machinery or equipment. When you choose the best transparent and high-quality curtain, you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the right product at the right price.

  1. Thickness

When you are choosing a plastic sheet curtain, always consider its thickness aspect. Even experts recommend that you should not overlook the thickness of the sheet and ensure it must cater to your warehouse’s needs. Also, if you want to ensure you are getting the best quality product, thickness is an important measuring factor.

  1. Always Prioritize its Material

Since the material used in strip curtains are different, choosing the right one for your company is important. If your warehouse has freezer rooms, then you may need polar-grade strips as they won’t freeze and ultimately, won’t break. On the other hand, if your premise has a low temperature, then also choosing polar-grade material would be an ideal choice. The major highlight of this material is that it helps to withstand low temperatures and may prevent fires caused by friction.


Considering these important aspects while purchasing PVC strip curtains will make the entire process a breeze. When you have complete awareness and knowledge, you are likely to make a lucrative investment.