4 Things to Consider While Buying PVC Curtains in Australia?

Aussie summers can be tough to bear, especially when working in a warehouse. Your air conditioners can only work so much, and their hard work reflects on your energy bills. 

So, why not install a clear plastic curtain and divide your workspace into two sections? These PVC curtains can assist your AC in cooling your sitting area besides keeping unwanted dust, noise and debris out of there. 

However, choosing the right PVC plastic can be a bit of a task. But don’t worry because this article will cover four important considerations that will help you choose the right curtains.

  1.     Choosing the right size

Size is the most important thing to consider when choosing PVC plastic. If you buy longer strips, people incoming can trip on them. 

In contrast, choosing a size high above the ground is useless since it cannot block incoming sounds, dust and debris. 

Besides that, thickness of the strip also matters a lot. If your space experiences high foot traffic, it would be wise to install thinner PVCs since they are easy to move.

Thicker strips, however, will be more resistant to outside action. 

So, choose the right size according to your requirements. 

  1.     Choosing the right material

Once you are done with size, it is time to choose the right material. PVCs come in various grades. 

  • Polar grade- best for rooms with freezing temperatures.
  • Antistatic material grade- best for spaces harbouring a lot of people. They do not catch fire. 
  • Wielding grade- they block harmful UV rays, hot metal projectiles and sparks. They are generally dark in colour. 
  • Food grade- best for warehouses where perishable items are kept. They do not allow any unwanted particles to enter the area. 

Based on your need, you can choose the grade. 

  1.     Choose transparent curtains

Transparency is one thing that makes warehouse door curtains so unique. Suppose two drivers are driving lorries from either side of the curtains; they can easily see each other and pass through cautiously.

Transparency prevents accidents and keeps you connected with the area outside your cabin. You can see the work done without leaving your comfortable air-conditioned space.

If you are worried about your privacy, you can choose opaque PVC curtains. In these curtains, you can see everything from the inside without getting seen from the outside. 

  1.     Choosing the right company

Now that questions concerning size, transparency and material quality are sorted, you can focus on choosing the right company to buy PVC. 

Choose a provider that has a good social media presence. Check out their reviews on Google and Facebook. 

Besides that, call at least three vendors and ask about their experience, industry knowledge, warranty, prices and delivery time. 

Choose the one that guarantees quality curtains at a genuine price. 

Final Thoughts

Warehouses and welding stations can generate a lot of heat and noise.

Finding the right curtains can solve the problem of heat, noise and dust coming through to your cabin. PVC curtains allow you to work in a cool and quiet environment.

So, contact plastic curtain vendors for a no-obligation quote.