Reasons Why You Should Install A Strip Door At Your Workplace


Strip doors also known as PVC strips are mostly used in commercial and industrial places for many reasons. They are an economical answer to a range of problems which many industries face such as flies, insects, dust, wind, etc. There are several benefits of getting plastic strips for your space; it helps to maintain hygiene, keeps out flying insects, dust control, maintains the temperature in the AC control environment and keeps out unnecessary noise. Let’s further discuss the benefits of having a strip door at your facility. 


Controls the movement of birds and flying insects: Having fly strips for doors will help your business create a barrier against flies, birds, pests, insects, etc. This will be very useful for your business especially if you are in the food sector as it will help in preventing contamination problems. However, unlike a traditional door which will restrict the sunlight from passing through, a strip door will allow the sunlight to enter your room.


Prevents up to 80-90% air loss that occurs with conventional doors: Even just an AC with an open door will amount to some loss of heat. A strip door will turn out to be the most effective barrier because even if it opens, it will only open to the size of the object entering the passageway compared to doors that open fully each time someone or an object enters. It is easily able to ensure easy pass-through by pedestrians and at the same time effective in stabilizing the air temperature. Your business will experience less product spoilage and reduce maintenance costs on refrigeration units. 


Helps to Isolate Noise: If your business is near loading docks or stations, installing plastic strips curtain helps your space to isolate noise from other work areas. What’s more, it can even help your business to reduce street noise while still remaining inviting to customers. 


Effectively restrict the movement of air pollutants: If your workspace attracts a lot of dust, flies, and fumes from surrounding areas, getting fly strips for doors will turn out to be a perfect choice for your business. It helps you create a cleaner and more efficient work environment by restricting the movement of contaminants. 


Allows your space to get more light: Transparent PVC strip doors provide excellent visibility to what is happening outside and at the same time allow the whole working space to get natural light. If there is a lot of flow movement in your business, PVC strip doors will let the person who is on the other side thus, reducing the risk of collisions.

For the aforesaid reasons, installing strip doors is the ideal solution for your facility. If the controlling temperature is of prime importance for the kind of work you do, strip doors will help you in this. They are a cost-effective and reliable way to mitigate the loss of energy. It ensures you and your workers or employees are focusing on their work without getting distracted by minor things. It creates a barrier to separating two spaces but at the same time, it remains inviting for customers to come in.

How to Keep Home Free of Insects and Create Clean Indoor Environment?

Are you tired of pests and insects entering your home uninvited? Fly strips and traps are most effective in keeping away the insects and flies from entering indoors. The fly strip curtains come with dozens of benefits and are not only limited to keeping away flies. The strips efficiently keep out flying insects, prevent test entry, reduce noise penetration, and control temperature. The clear plastic sheets are convenient for spaces to keep indoors clean and hygienic. 


Choosing the right kind of fly strips


Installing the fly strips for doors is a wise thing to do at home to keep off insects and dust. It is perfect for use at homes, offices, commercial spaces, supermarkets, and any other type of property. The strips are available in custom sizes depending on the use and requirement.

  • Safety and Non-hazardous – It is crucial to choose a fly strip which is safe and non-toxic. The strip traps the insect on its adhesive surface, preventing it from escaping. Make sure non-toxic glue is used without any harmful chemicals.
  • Versatile application – The fly strip should be good across various spaces. It should be strong enough to trap a range of insects, including flies, gnats, aphids, midgets, mosquitoes etc.
  • Easy to use – The operation of the fly strip should be easy and convenient. The longer its effectiveness, the better the mechanism and function of the strip.


Maintaining a Hygienic and Comfortable Interior Environment 


Clear PVC and plastic sheets effectively create a clean and comfortable atmosphere inside homes. The clear plastic sheet is an economical solution for making a home energy efficient and keeping it safe from outdoor conditions. The PVC or plastic sheet is easy to install against the door and is used for various applications.

  • Control temperature – The sheets control or filter the amount of heat that penetrates inside a home or property during summers, and this is effective in controlling the temperature. The durable clear PVC plastic sheet is an excellent thermal insulator and effectively controls the indoor temperature.
  • Energy-efficient – The installation of the clear PVC sheet or strips help in reducing electricity consumption. It is effective in temperature-controlled rooms and hence often used in cold storage, freezer rooms etc.
  • Prevent Dust Penetration – The clear sheet acts as a shield and hence prevents the entry of dust indoors. Installing the PVC plastic sheet on the door is one of the best ways to keep off dust. The sheet is easy to clean and washable to eliminate surface dust.
  • Noise control – The clear sheet filters the outside noise and effectively controls noise. It is a good installation in factories and high noise industrial spaces.


Install simple things like clear PVC plastic or fly strips on doors and windows helps create better hygiene. It is essential to keep off the dust and dirt and prevent the entry of insects inside a property. For installation purposes, always pick the engineered and designed products to fit the demand and requirement of the space.

What You Need To Consider Before Getting Fly Strips For Doors

The presence of flies, mosquitoes, and wasps in your home can be extremely annoying and tiring. Moreover, these insects and pests can also pose a health risk if they contaminate your food, water and other essentials. 

Open places such as doors and windows allow these pests to infiltrate your home. You can’t, however, keep all the doors and windows in your house shut all the time. As a result, pests exploit this shortcoming and quickly infiltrate your home.

Fly strips for doors are an excellent way to keep houseflies, mosquitoes, wasps, sandflies, and other insects and pests out of your house or any other indoor area such as your office. 

Before you choose a fly strip for your home, office, or any other space, you should consider the following things: 

What are the different types of fly strips available? 

There are multiple types of fly strips that you can choose from, including clean plastic sheets, PVC coated fibreglass, stainless steel, pleated fly screens, and more. Nowadays, fibreglass mesh has gained a lot of popularity among homeowners because of its durability and toughness. 

You should keep in mind that a fly strip should allow a good airflow simultaneously while keeping the pests and insects out. The best thing about any given type of fly strip is the ease of maintaining them. You can simply wipe them using a wet piece of cloth to remove dust.

Can you install a fly strip on your own or not? 

Many low-cost DIY (do it yourself) choices for fly strips may be found online. Nylon-based products fall within this category. Such fly strips use velcro to hold the mesh to the door latches or windows. Magnetic ones are a tad more expensive but available in typical sizes for DIY installations. However, you should keep in mind that DIY works best when there are only a few simple windows or doors.

For those with special needs, such as many rooms with multiple doors and windows, it’s usually best to leave the installation to the specialists. Professional installation will cost more, but you can be confident that the workers are well-trained and equipped to expertly install the insect screens.

Finding the installation and service costs

The cost of a product or service is always considered while making a decision. As previously stated, DIY is an excellent alternative if you only have a few windows and doors. You will not only save dollars, but you will also have the satisfaction of creating something for your own home in this manner.

However, if you go the DIY route, you must set reasonable customer service expectations. Since most  DIY fly strip suppliers sell in bulk, their ability to reply to your questions and queries will be limited.

As a result, while deciding whether to use DIY fly strips or hire specialists, you must consider everything from installation expenses to maintenance and service. You can count on excellent service when you contact expert fly strip installers.


Fly strips for doors and windows are an essential accessory for your home if you are dealing with unwanted pests and insects. These utilities will make your life easy and help you live in peace while allowing the air to ventilate your indoor surroundings. You must consider the factors mentioned above before you choose the right fly strips and installation mode for your home.

Benefits Of Clear Plastic Sheet Curtains That Will Compel You To Buy Them

You must have come across some places that use clear plastic sheet curtains, especially industries. Have you been wondering ever since about the use of such transparent curtains? If yes, then here are the answers you are looking for. There are numerous purposes associated with the usage of these.

They are not just there to let the people inside keep an eye on the activities happening outside. Such curtains are used to maintain the temperature of the place they are used at. There are different terms used for these clear sheets. So if you hear somebody call them PVC strip curtains or doors, understand they are talking about the same thing.

Benefits Of Strip Curtains To Leave You Surprised  

So here are the advantages of these curtains that will leave you shocked.

  • Transparency And Flexibility
  • As the name clarifies, the clear plastic sheet curtains are clear and transparent. It gives you a massive advantage as you get to see what’s happening outside without actually stepping out. For places like industries, this factor becomes essential. Knowing who is trying to enter the place is easy as taking a glance.    

  • Reduction In Noise
  • For the industries or the places that cause too much noise for the people’s liking, such sheet curtains can be a life savior. Such a thing ensures the comfort of people nearby and the workers there. The reason behind such an advanced feature is the material used. PVS can absorb the sound of very high decibel frequency

  • Economical
  • It is no secret that the door costs a huge chunk of money. So for places like industries, specific doors are made with a particular function to serve. However, they demand a lot more money than you would like to spend. 

    So to have something that serves almost the same purpose but at a cheaper price, nothing can take the place of PVC strip curtains. They can be an excellent alternative to keep the temperature inside and outside away from affecting each other. 

    Even if your goal is to have some extra protection for the infrastructure, you can have curtains made of clear plastic.

  • Restricting Pollutants
  • Everybody is well aware that many germs and pollutants are roaming in the air, unnoticed. Owing to this problem, it becomes crucial to keep them away. For doing just as mentioned, these strip curtains will come in handy. 

    Many places require prioritizing the well-being of people inside. So for such places, these can help to a great extent.  

  • Maintenance And Cleaning

Though they may be addressed as strip doors, they are far away from the actual structure of the typical doors. Thus, giving you some freedom when it comes to their cleaning. All you need to do is grab a sponge soaked in water and run along the strips. Then, you will get rid of all the unwanted things.


If you are looking for a cheaper and more practical alternative for the typical doors, transparent plastic sheet curtains will be best for you. Not only will they offer you more benefits than the traditionally used doors, but they are also effective in keeping people healthy.

Things To Look For When Purchasing PVC Strip Doors

When you’re planning to invest in PVC strip doors, you have to make sure that you’re getting the best possible material in terms of quality. The better the PVC material, the longer it will be able to last. Hence, you’ll not need to replace your PVC strip doors often.


It should be realised that there are certain factors that you have to remember when purchasing PVC fly strips for doors, otherwise, you’ll end up buying the wrong one. So, without further ado, let’s jump onto the different factors right away.


Factors To Understand When Purchasing PVC Strip Doors


The Durability


One of the biggest advantages of investing in high-quality PVC strip doors is that – you’ll get better durability in the long run. It’s also one of the biggest tests for judging the PVC quality you’re buying. It’s crucial that the PVC strip door/curtain you’re buying be durable because it will go through quite a bit of wear & tear over the years.


Since your PVC strip door will regulate the temperature inside a specific area while also keeping the area safe, you have to invest as much as you can on the quality side of things. Furthermore, the strip door will also be an entry point for traffic.


Hence, if the strip door cannot last for a considerable amount of time, then you have to spend more money on replacing the same. As a result, you’ll end up paying more money for replacements in the long run. Thus, it’s better to avoid paying for replacements by investing in a high-quality PVC strip door.


The Visibility


Low-quality clear plastic sheets will almost be close to opaque. On the other hand, higher quality ones will be close to being translucent, which means that you can easily see through the strip doors with minimal levels of distortion.


Having the ideal visibility is important because if your PVC hangs in the entryway, then people need to see who is coming through the opposite side to avoid a clash or an accident. Moreover, high-quality PVC strip doors will also allow light to pass through them, allowing you to cut down on electricity costs because the natural light will filter through the curtains without any issues.


The Safety


If your PVC strip doors don’t have UV stabilisers, then the PVC will become distressed over time and thereby microorganisms will start growing inside the marks, cracks and crevices. As a result, the entire strip door will be infected, which can lead to unhygienic conditions inside your facility.


Hence, if health & safety is your most priority, then you should invest in high-quality PVC strip doors that have UV stabilisers and are fire safe as well.


For more information on PVC curtains/strip doors, contact us today.


How to hire a door system maker?

It is important to get commercial and industrial door systems installed, but finding the best contractor is trouble these days. However, internet technology and search engine power have made it possible to search and find an appropriate contractor who is the best for your enterprise requirements. However, it doesn’t come to your mind or on the search engine page in the first instance; you need to spend effort on it. 

Hence, here are the things to keep in mind while finding a door system maker and hiring the best one. 

  1. Ensure that you have references and internet contacts as well.
  2. Hiring is impossible if you don’t have contacts with you. The key to finding them is through business partners and colleagues. Or maybe someone will walk in and drop their business card of a newly founded door system enterprise. You can also search rigorously on your own for any industrial door system makers in your city and seek quotes. It is easy to know their credentials as some platforms display true information about the companies. Your job might seem simple at this stage, but the screening process will take time. 

    You can call the companies and confirm with the licenses and other credentials and ask them to express their quotes as per your door system requirements. Genuine companies will surely attend to your calls and do the necessary, and that’s how you can shortlist the best ones. 

  3. Ensure that the customer service standards are the best.
  4. While evaluating credentials like experience and licenses, it is necessary to understand more about their customer support team. Do they respond to your queries? Do they have the requisite patience to provide you with quotes and listen to your requirements? You need a door system provider who can communicate and provide prompt service whenever you require it in the future. It is a long-term connection, and hence, it is crucial to have a good customer service team on board. 

  5. Check their products beforehand.
  6. What kind of doors and materials do they provide? Can they assure you of a full-fledged warranty and other benefits? If something breaks apart or needs servicing, can the company provide the same? If yes, at what costs? Thus, it is necessary to approach the companies and evaluate their product quality beforehand. If you are satisfied, only then can you confirm the hiring. 

  7. Understand your door system requirements.

Approaching an excellent door system provider is a good decision, but do you know which doors do you require? It depends on the kind of industry or the place where you are located. If you hire a genuine contractor, they will help you suggest the best fly strips for doors for your enterprise. But we recommend doing some research and acquainting with the basic systems and clear plastic sheets beforehand. 

To sum it up, hiring a door system maker is extremely crucial for your commercial or industrial enterprise. But you need to keep in your mind the above important aspects. 

Five Amazing Benefits Of Using PVC Strip Curtains

The PVC Strip Curtains are a better choice for placing on the doors. It can be moved easily. Many industries are looking for new curtain ideas for their businesses.  The current market is filled with plastic curtains. It’s for the buyers to decide what is better for them. You should consider the benefits of PVC curtains before buying them. These curtains are available at lower prices per square foot.  It is a synthetic plastic polymer that is rigid. These are durable and transparent adding to the longevity. The PVC curtains are best for the environment and, as health benefits for customers and employees. Benefits of PVC Curtains

    • Quite flexible

These PVC strip curtains are very transparent and clear providing the best inflow of air. These are flexible and you can use them anywhere you like. You can easily see the other side of the curtains. It helps in reducing collisions and accidents. Also, it helps natural light to enter the premises.

    • Reduction of noise and contaminants

The best thing about clear plastic is that it doesn’t create any noise. All the strips are positioned carefully. In the factories and warehouses, there is the creation of much noise. Using these curtains provides well-being to the workers.  Also, contaminants like dust, dirt, fumes, etc. don’t pass from one sector to the other. Strip curtains help in building a clear work environment.

    • Economical curtains

The PVC strips are the most economical in the markets. These are best for people with a limited budget. Further, it’s suitable for people wanting to add extra protection in their homes.

    • Helps in controlling temperatures

These plastic curtains are very easy to handle providing low maintenance. There is no mechanism used in powering these curtains. These are hard to break as well. You will be spending very less amount on maintenance. These curtains are found best in freezers, cold storages, etc.  You can prevent the foods from getting spoiled here. There is less spoilage after installing in the refrigerated areas.

    • Its energy conservative

The strip curtains are best used as conservative devices. You don’t have to install any other air quality devices after these. You can clean these curtains without any hangers. Take a soft brush and clean cloth and you are good to go. You can even soak these in soap paper and keep them for some time. Once it’s dried, you can again hang them on the walls. These curtains are best in quality providing a long-life span. They provide an ideal appearance to the place where they are hung. These curtains will keep your place safe and tidy. Also, it creates a better impression among visitors in workplaces. Conclusion These PVC curtains are of greater use if you know how to use them. There is no chance of these getting damaged easily. It helps in maintaining privacy by making various sections in the departments. So, it’s better to use these curtains to add colorful bliss to the places. You can decide where you want to install them.

Things to consider before buying a strip door

We understand that being an industrial owner, managing several tasks and projects could be challenging. And when it comes to installing strip doors, you could be in a state of confusion. However, we are here to solve the chaos and help you out with some incredible tips in buying strip doors for your property.
Strip doors and curtains are highly useful; they are durable and reliable, easy to maintain, and are power-efficient. It can be put to several uses, but we won’t be discussing it here. Right now, we will discuss the things to look for while buying strip doors.
1.Ensure that they are easy to install.
No doubt, strip doors are easy to use and maintain, but you have to go for one that is easy to install. You can buy pvc strip curtains in australia that are like regular curtains and can be put on anytime without any difficulty. A seller might try to fool you with expensive curtains with complex installation procedures, saying that they are of high quality and different from normal strip curtains. But you have to be careful. Something that is expensive doesn’t imply it is the best curtain in the market.
2.Consider safety and not the visual appearance.
If you liked a particular door or plastic strip because it looks attractive in your house (and doesn’t function quite well), you have chosen appearance and not safety. Remember, strip doors and curtains need to be safe and not just attractive. Hence, ensure that they comply with the said safety standards and are free from hazardous materials. You can ask an experienced door supplier the same and confirm about the safety and materials used in the door or curtain. If the curtains are visible, it will be better. So, discuss with the seller and choose the most suitable door or curtain for you.
Sometimes, you don’t wish for transparency, and that is okay. It relies on you whether you want to buy strip doors and curtains (that are not transparent) or the strips which are 100 percent transparent.
3.Check whether they are energy efficient.
Strip doors can help keep the place a bit cooler on hot days and normal during winters. They are not like standard curtains, and hence the dirt and the grime will be much away due to the strip ones. So, if you want to improve the AC’s cooling efficiency and keep the place cooler in the summers, you should go for the energy-efficient ones and confirm the same with the seller.
4.Buy from a reputed seller.
Don’t buy it from a random brand that does not provide customer service or warranty. Always buy from a genuine seller, and check their reviews twice before you buy. Buying online is not a risk, but if you are not careful with the features, warranty, and other services provided by the seller, you might commit a mistake.
So, when you shop for strip doors or curtains, ensure that you keep the above four things in mind.