Automatic Insulated Sectional Doors

Insulated Sectional Doors

Constructed with high density fire resistant foam filled panels, these door provide exceptional insulation, security and accessibility.

With advanced control options and modular construction, Austcold Industries Pty Ltd can design a door tailored to your needs. In comparison to traditional Cool Room doors, Sectional Doors lift vertically allowing free wall space along side of the doorway, which can be used for storage or increased production.

Maintenance and repairs are also optimal as sectional door panels can be replaced independently and efficiently unlike sliding doors.

  • Internal or external doorways.
  • Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms
  • Garage Doors
  • Commercial and Industrial Doors



  • – Panels – Sectional Door Panels are available in 42mm for temperature applications above 0° and 80mm thick below 0°.
  • – Wind Loads – able to withstand wind pressures of up to class 3.
  • – Low Maintenance – high quality components and robust design.
  • – Advanced Digital Control Options – capable of interlocking with other doors, traffic lights and more (optional).
  • – Spring Torsion Mechanism – the weight of the Sectional Door is counter-balanced using a powerful spring torsion mechanism.
  • – Sound Isolation – provides up to 22db of sound isolation.
  • – Panel Options – constructed with a; polyurethane 100% CFC free core and galvanized steel sheeting, providing a tough, weather-resilient finish.
  •  Double Glazed Windows (optional)
  • – Scratch Resistance – the Sectional Door Panels are constructed with a synthetic glazing with superior scratch resistance properties.
  • – Swinging Personnel Doors – are available (fitted to allow foot traffic access while the door is closed), maximizing energy efficiency and savings.


Control Options:

  • – Push Button
  • – Remote Control
  • – Radar and infrared motion sensors
  • – Inductive Loop detection (detects vehicles same as traffic lights)
  • – Interlocking with other doors (allows only one door to be open at a time for hygiene control)
  • – Photo Electric Beam
  • – Security Digital Key Pads and Key-Activated controls are available
  • – See below images for more detail


Power supply:

  • Single phase supply of up to 10 amps is generally sufficient for most Sectional Door motors.

These, robust Insulated Sectional Doors provide outstanding insulation benefits, advanced programming and control options, together with exceptional quality and performance.
They are suitable for internal and external applications for door openings up to 10 metres wide and 8 metres high.

Install one of these Automatic Insulated Sectional Doors from Austcold Industries when temperature isolation is required. Suitable for Cool Room door, Freezer Room door, Garage Door, and Factory door applications with temperature and sound insulation properties.

Door Panel Specifications


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