What You Need To Consider Before Getting Fly Strips For Doors


The presence of flies, mosquitoes, and wasps in your home can be extremely annoying and tiring. Moreover, these insects and pests can also pose a health risk if they contaminate your food, water and other essentials. 

Open places such as doors and windows allow these pests to infiltrate your home. You can’t, however, keep all the doors and windows in your house shut all the time. As a result, pests exploit this shortcoming and quickly infiltrate your home.

Fly strips for doors are an excellent way to keep houseflies, mosquitoes, wasps, sandflies, and other insects and pests out of your house or any other indoor area such as your office. 

Before you choose a fly strip for your home, office, or any other space, you should consider the following things: 

What are the different types of fly strips available? 

There are multiple types of fly strips that you can choose from, including clean plastic sheets, PVC coated fibreglass, stainless steel, pleated fly screens, and more. Nowadays, fibreglass mesh has gained a lot of popularity among homeowners because of its durability and toughness. 

You should keep in mind that a fly strip should allow a good airflow simultaneously while keeping the pests and insects out. The best thing about any given type of fly strip is the ease of maintaining them. You can simply wipe them using a wet piece of cloth to remove dust.

Can you install a fly strip on your own or not? 

Many low-cost DIY (do it yourself) choices for fly strips may be found online. Nylon-based products fall within this category. Such fly strips use velcro to hold the mesh to the door latches or windows. Magnetic ones are a tad more expensive but available in typical sizes for DIY installations. However, you should keep in mind that DIY works best when there are only a few simple windows or doors.

For those with special needs, such as many rooms with multiple doors and windows, it’s usually best to leave the installation to the specialists. Professional installation will cost more, but you can be confident that the workers are well-trained and equipped to expertly install the insect screens.

Finding the installation and service costs

The cost of a product or service is always considered while making a decision. As previously stated, DIY is an excellent alternative if you only have a few windows and doors. You will not only save dollars, but you will also have the satisfaction of creating something for your own home in this manner.

However, if you go the DIY route, you must set reasonable customer service expectations. Since most  DIY fly strip suppliers sell in bulk, their ability to reply to your questions and queries will be limited.

As a result, while deciding whether to use DIY fly strips or hire specialists, you must consider everything from installation expenses to maintenance and service. You can count on excellent service when you contact expert fly strip installers.


Fly strips for doors and windows are an essential accessory for your home if you are dealing with unwanted pests and insects. These utilities will make your life easy and help you live in peace while allowing the air to ventilate your indoor surroundings. You must consider the factors mentioned above before you choose the right fly strips and installation mode for your home.