Reasons Why You Should Install A Strip Door At Your Workplace

PVC Strip Curtain


Strip doors also known as PVC strips are mostly used in commercial and industrial places for many reasons. They are an economical answer to a range of problems which many industries face such as flies, insects, dust, wind, etc. There are several benefits of getting plastic strips for your space; it helps to maintain hygiene, keeps out flying insects, dust control, maintains the temperature in the AC control environment and keeps out unnecessary noise. Let’s further discuss the benefits of having a strip door at your facility. 


Controls the movement of birds and flying insects: Having fly strips for doors will help your business create a barrier against flies, birds, pests, insects, etc. This will be very useful for your business especially if you are in the food sector as it will help in preventing contamination problems. However, unlike a traditional door which will restrict the sunlight from passing through, a strip door will allow the sunlight to enter your room.


Prevents up to 80-90% air loss that occurs with conventional doors: Even just an AC with an open door will amount to some loss of heat. A strip door will turn out to be the most effective barrier because even if it opens, it will only open to the size of the object entering the passageway compared to doors that open fully each time someone or an object enters. It is easily able to ensure easy pass-through by pedestrians and at the same time effective in stabilizing the air temperature. Your business will experience less product spoilage and reduce maintenance costs on refrigeration units. 


Helps to Isolate Noise: If your business is near loading docks or stations, installing plastic strips curtain helps your space to isolate noise from other work areas. What’s more, it can even help your business to reduce street noise while still remaining inviting to customers. 


Effectively restrict the movement of air pollutants: If your workspace attracts a lot of dust, flies, and fumes from surrounding areas, getting fly strips for doors will turn out to be a perfect choice for your business. It helps you create a cleaner and more efficient work environment by restricting the movement of contaminants. 


Allows your space to get more light: Transparent PVC strip doors provide excellent visibility to what is happening outside and at the same time allow the whole working space to get natural light. If there is a lot of flow movement in your business, PVC strip doors will let the person who is on the other side thus, reducing the risk of collisions.

For the aforesaid reasons, installing strip doors is the ideal solution for your facility. If the controlling temperature is of prime importance for the kind of work you do, strip doors will help you in this. They are a cost-effective and reliable way to mitigate the loss of energy. It ensures you and your workers or employees are focusing on their work without getting distracted by minor things. It creates a barrier to separating two spaces but at the same time, it remains inviting for customers to come in.