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Rapidoor® RD-800

RD-800 Rapidoor® – High Speed Roll Fast Door.

The Rapidoor® RD-800 High-Speed Roll-Fast Door is a Heavy-Duty door with 4mm thick, fully transparent PVC sheet, ensuring safe access and good visuals through doorways. Ideal for internal and external doorway applications that require high tolerance to wind loads and or some level of security.

Austcold Industries Pty Ltd can provide a site inspection or consultation to discuss features and options to ensure the door is constructed to provide site specific requirements.




    • Internal & External

Max Width:

    • 5500mm

Max Height:

    • 5850mm


    • 4mm thick

Bottom Edge:

    • Tension

Power Supply:

    • Single phase 10 amp (outside RCD)

Opening Speed:

    • 800mm per/sec

Wind Load tolerance:

    • 74 km/h standard, or 95 km/h (additional Wind-bars)




  • – Low Maintenance – high quality components and robust design.
  • – Advanced Digital Control Options – capable of interlocking with other doors, traffic lights and more (optional).
  • – Auto Reversing on impact – equipped with photo electric sensor located inside a soft rubber bottom edge.
  • – Error logging – efficient maintenance checking and servicing.
  • – Panel Options – tough clear PVC with transparent red visual barriers optional.
  • – Hinged service gates – provide ease of access for inspection and maintenance.


Control Options:


  • – Push Button
  • – Remote Control
  • – Radar and infrared motion sensors
  • – Inductive Loop detection (detects vehicles same as traffic lights)
  • – Interlocking with other doors (allows only one door to be open at a time for hygiene control)
  • – Photo Electric Beam
  • – See below images for more detail


High Speed Door

Roll Fast Door RD800


control options:


A simple push-button, is the most cost effective way to control High Speed Door the door.


An invisible beam is projected across the doorway, when traffic passes through and breaks the beam, the doors opens.


Inductive loops are cables in the concrete which detect the fork lift and automatically open the high speed door.


A remote control transmitter can be fixed to a fork lift, or kept in possession of an authorized operator.


A cord hanging from the ceiling can be operated by a fork lift without dismounting.


Advanced motion detectors which will: only open the door when; traffic is approaching the High Speed Door.


A sensor that detects the presence and motion of a hand being swiped in front of the sensor opens the Roll Fast Door with touching a switch. Ideal for application where hygiene is priority.


An electronic security Key-Pad can be installed to only allow access to authorized persons.

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