How to Keep Home Free of Insects and Create Clean Indoor Environment?

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Are you tired of pests and insects entering your home uninvited? Fly strips and traps are most effective in keeping away the insects and flies from entering indoors. The fly strip curtains come with dozens of benefits and are not only limited to keeping away flies. The strips efficiently keep out flying insects, prevent test entry, reduce noise penetration, and control temperature. The clear plastic sheets are convenient for spaces to keep indoors clean and hygienic. 


Choosing the right kind of fly strips


Installing the fly strips for doors is a wise thing to do at home to keep off insects and dust. It is perfect for use at homes, offices, commercial spaces, supermarkets, and any other type of property. The strips are available in custom sizes depending on the use and requirement.

  • Safety and Non-hazardous – It is crucial to choose a fly strip which is safe and non-toxic. The strip traps the insect on its adhesive surface, preventing it from escaping. Make sure non-toxic glue is used without any harmful chemicals.
  • Versatile application – The fly strip should be good across various spaces. It should be strong enough to trap a range of insects, including flies, gnats, aphids, midgets, mosquitoes etc.
  • Easy to use – The operation of the fly strip should be easy and convenient. The longer its effectiveness, the better the mechanism and function of the strip.


Maintaining a Hygienic and Comfortable Interior Environment 


Clear PVC and plastic sheets effectively create a clean and comfortable atmosphere inside homes. The clear plastic sheet is an economical solution for making a home energy efficient and keeping it safe from outdoor conditions. The PVC or plastic sheet is easy to install against the door and is used for various applications.

  • Control temperature – The sheets control or filter the amount of heat that penetrates inside a home or property during summers, and this is effective in controlling the temperature. The durable clear PVC plastic sheet is an excellent thermal insulator and effectively controls the indoor temperature.
  • Energy-efficient – The installation of the clear PVC sheet or strips help in reducing electricity consumption. It is effective in temperature-controlled rooms and hence often used in cold storage, freezer rooms etc.
  • Prevent Dust Penetration – The clear sheet acts as a shield and hence prevents the entry of dust indoors. Installing the PVC plastic sheet on the door is one of the best ways to keep off dust. The sheet is easy to clean and washable to eliminate surface dust.
  • Noise control – The clear sheet filters the outside noise and effectively controls noise. It is a good installation in factories and high noise industrial spaces.


Install simple things like clear PVC plastic or fly strips on doors and windows helps create better hygiene. It is essential to keep off the dust and dirt and prevent the entry of insects inside a property. For installation purposes, always pick the engineered and designed products to fit the demand and requirement of the space.